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Season 1
Episode 1 - Prologue to Battle! The Return of Goku! Episode 2 - The Enemy is Goku's Brother?! The Secret of the Mighty Saiyan Warriors Episode 3 - A Life or Death Battle! Goku and Piccolo's Desperate Attack Episode 4 - Run in the Afterlife, Goku! The One Million Mile Snake Way Episode 5 - Wilderness Survival! A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan Episode 6 - The End of Snake Way! King Kai's Bizarre Test! Episode 7 - The Battle with Ten-Times Gravity! Goku's Race Against the Clock! Episode 8 - Shenron Appears! The Saiyans Arrive Sooner than Expected! Episode 9 - Yamcha's Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen! Episode 10 - Sit Tight, Chiaotzu! Tien's Screaming Tri-Beam! Episode 11 - Will Goku Make it in Time?! Three Hours Until the Battle Resumes! Episode 12 - Farewell, Piccolo! Goku's Furious Counterattack! Episode 13 - The Power of the Kaio-Ken! Goku vs. Vegeta! Episode 14 - An All-Out Kamehame-Ha! Vegeta's Terrible Transformation! Episode 15 - Goku on the Ropes! Pin Your Hopes on the Spirit Bomb! Episode 16 - Defeat the Invincible Vegeta! Work a Miracle, Gohan! Episode 17 - Dawn of the Fierce Battle! The Star of Hope is Piccolo's Homeland! Episode 18 - The Ship Resting in Yunzabit! Time to Blast Off for Planet Namek! Episode 19 - A Powerful New Foe! Frieza, Ruler of the Universe! Episode 20 - The Rebellion Against Frieza! Vegeta's Burning Ambition! Episode 21 - Protect the Dragon Balls! The Namekians' All-Out Attack! Episode 22 - Dodoria's Terrifying Chase! A Truth Revealed to Vegeta! Episode 23 - Vegeta's Covert Maneuvers! A Tragic Assault on the Namekians! Episode 24 - Friends Reborn! Zarbon's Hideous Transformation! Episode 25 - Power Up, Krillin! Frieza's Mounting Apprehension! Episode 26 - The Scheme Is Shattered! Vegeta Strikes Back at Zarbon!
Season 2
Episode 1 - A Touch-and-Go Situation! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star Ball! Episode 2 - The Countdown to Battle Begins! Enter, The Ginyu Force! Episode 3 - First Up for the Ginyu Force! Guldo’s Time Freeze! Episode 4 - The Nightmare Recoome! Come Out and Play, Vegeta! Episode 5 - Goku Arrives At Last! Take Down the Ginyu Force! Episode 6 - The Star Player Appears! Ginyu vs. Goku! Episode 7 - Full Power, Goku! Captain Ginyu’s Desperate Attack! Episode 8 - Surprise! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku!? Episode 9 - Goku’s Comeback! Call Forth Porunga! Episode 10 - Frieza Closes In! Mighty Porunga, Grant Our Wish! Episode 11 - A Nightmare Transformation! Frieza's Power Level-One Million!? Episode 12 - Frieza Bares His Fangs! Gohan's Overwhelming Attack Episode 13 - Piccolo Reborn! Frieza's Second Transformation Episode 14 - Frieza's Final Transformation: The Ultimate Nightmare Begins Episode 15 - The Moment of Truth Approaches! Goku Back in Action! Episode 16 - Defeat Frieza, Goku! The Tears of the Proud Saiyan Prince! Episode 17 - Goku vs. Frieza! The Super Showdown Begins! Episode 18 - A Boundary-Pushing Brawl! Goku, Frieza, and Ginyu Again? Episode 19 - Kaio-Ken Times Twenty! An All-Or-Nothing Kamehame-Ha! Episode 20 - The Final Trump Card! Goku's Ultimate Spirit Bomb! Episode 21 - Awaken, Legendary Warrior! Goku the Super Saiyan! Episode 22 - The Angry Super Saiyan! Goku Throws Down the Gauntlet! Episode 23 - Avenge the Fallen, Goku! Countdown to the Planet's Destruction! Episode 24 - Full Power Frieza! Shenron, Grant Our Wish! Episode 25 - Goku's Furious Roar! A Last-Minute Wish! Episode 26 - Duel on a Vanishing Planet! The Final Showdown!
Season 3
Episode 1 - Goku's Final Attack! Countdown to Planet Namek's Destruction! Episode 2 - Goku Vanishes Into Space! Welcome Home, Super Warriors! Episode 3 - There Is Planet Earth, Father! Frieza and King Cold Strike Back! Episode 4 - I Will Defeat Frieza! Another Super Saiyan! Episode 5 - Welcome Back, Goku! Confessions of the Mysterious Youth, Trunks! Episode 6 - New Technique of Goku, Instant Movement! Special Training Staked on 3 Years From Now Episode 7 - The Pair Who Don't Leave a Trace! The Artificial Humans Appear Episode 8 - The Unbeatable Enemy Within! Goku vs. Android 19! Episode 10 - Piccolo's Assault! Android 20 and the Twisted Future! Episode 11 - The Hunt for Doctor Gero! Discover the Hidden Laboratory! Episode 12 - #17 and #18, and...! The Artificial Humans Awaken Episode 13 - A Sweet Face and Super Power?! Android 18 vs Vegeta! Episode 14 - The Time for Reunification Has Come! Piccolo's Unshakeable Resolve! Episode 15 - Another Time Machine?! Bulma Uncovers a Mystery! Episode 16 - And So the Monster Makes its Move... Take Off! It's the Super Namekian! Episode 18 - Escape Tactic, Taiyoken! Chase after the Artificial Human Cell Episode 19 - The Hunt for Cell Is On! Goku, Back in Action! Episode 20 - Surpass Super Saiyan! Now, Into the Room of Spirit and Time Episode 21 - The Super Namekian Powers Up! Piccolo vs. Android 17! Episode 22 - Run Android 17! Piccolo's All-or-Nothing Struggle! Episode 23 - Power Unknown! Android 16 Breaks His Silence! Episode 24 - Tien's Desperate Attack! Save Your Friends, Goku! Episode 25 - Beyond Super Saiyan! Vegeta Confronts the Monster Cell!
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Dragon Ball Z Kai

Rejoin Goku and his friends in a series of cosmic battles! Toei has redubbed, recut, and cleaned up the animation of the original 1989 animated series. The show’s story arc has been refined to better follow the comic book series on which it is based. The show also features a new opening and ending. In the series, martial artist Goku, and his various friends, battle increasingly powerful enemies to defend the world against evil. Can Earth’s defender defeat demons, aliens, and other villains?